Gavintech Computer Builder 4.1

Welcome to the Gavintech Computer Builder


The simplest way to order a Gavintech computer is to use one of our predefined templates as a starting point. Here is a list of the predefined configurations we offer. Click on one to customize that model.

Gavintech Basic ($934.37)

Gavintech Office ($1094.75)

Gavintech Gamer ($1258.81)

Gavintech Office Advanced ($1528.50)

Gavintech Gamer Advanced ($2028.78)


If you want total control over exactly what parts go into your Gavintech computer, choose a type to continue.

Entry Level

Entry level systems. These are budget-oriented systems, good for use in office and home environments.

Moderate Performance

Moderate performance systems are more powerful, and feature dual-core processors. These computers are well suited for gaming and heavy-use environments.

High Performance

Gavintech high performance computers are built using high performance parts. These systems are specially tailored for enthusiast users and users who run computationally-intensive applications.

1U Rackmount server

The rackmount server is a Gavintech computer specially designed for large datacentres and other server tasks. Gavintech 1U servers are now available in up to 8 core configurations. Please note that Gavintech servers are special order, and can take two weeks or more to complete.